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This is The Amount of This Food You Should Be Eating

The latest CDC statistics on Cardiovascular disease are rather grim; With an alarming number of approximately 659,000 people dying each year in the US alone, CVD is not to be taken lightly. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death not only in the US, but also worldwide. Previous studies have shown that eating more seafood was associated with a reduction in all causes and CVD-related mortality. Seafood is known to contain the following: heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fats Iron Iodine (during pregnancy) Choline Based on information published by the FDA, Choline, for example, supports the development of the baby’s spinal cord. The iron and zinc found in fish help to support children’s immune systems. Protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium are also other sources of nutrients derived from fish. Nonetheless, many people choose to limit their seafood consumption because of fear of mercury exposure from seafood. Most Common Way People Are Exposed to M

The Jalapeno Challenge is Real - Here is The Trick To Master it

  Like a circus moving from town to town, the Jalapeno crave is going around. So for all you Jalapeno lovers, I know you wouldn't mind a few tips to help you enjoy or dig into a few more Jalapeno poppers or even some Jalapeno chicken salad without having to suffer the consequences. Suppose you enjoy preparing your Jalapeno treats yourself; in that case, I must warn you, "exercise caution when cutting these "hotties"; because if you don't, your eyes, nose, and skin will have to pay the price.  If you would rather sit somewhere where it's cozy (like a restaurant or a Jalapeno specialty spot and enjoy your "hotties"), then you don't have to worry about feeling the after-cutting burn. You just have to deal with a mouthful of fire. Just make sure you order a carton or glass of milk, yogurt, or some dairy ice cream. Yes, it has to be dairy! The casein found in dairy can help wash the capsaicin away. If somehow you have long opted out of consuming dair

Eat These Amazing Foods To Help Prevent Cancer

Since my mission is to use this blog to share the following:  1. What I know about cooking in general 2. How our particular food can help us to be healthier and even live longer. I have been spending a lot of time discovering more about the negative and positive consequences of eating certain foods.  Surprisingly, in one of my research, I have discovered the formation of cancers and the foods that can help prevent these most feared diseases from forming or even taking over our bodies! Although researchers believe consuming food rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals (selenium) can help protect the body from oxygen-free radicals. In this article, I will be focusing only on antioxidants and their mechanisms of action in cancer prevention. First, we will look at the “bad guys” known as Free Radicals ( the guys to be blamed for cancers). We will then look at “good guys” called Antioxidants (some of the main guys known for defeating these “bad guys”) and the usual strategies u

This is How You Can Make Yourself Sick

Bacillus Cereus is among some of the many species of bacteria that usually lurked around our home kitchens and other food handling or food preparation environment. Because this bacterium can cause severe illnesses, it’s of paramount importance that we know what steps to follow when handling foods. In this post, we will be particularly looking at the following: Source of this bacterium Illnesses this genus usually cause  Signs and symptoms of these illnesses Recommended (USDA) primary & secondary medical interventions  Recommended temperatures that hot and cold foods should be kept Bacillus Cereus  The bacterium Bacillus cereus, otherwise referred to as B. cereus, is a genus usually found in foods. It tends to multiply rapidly at room temperature and produces toxins that can cause several illnesses. Sources Foods that have sat out for an extended period at room temperature, particularly rice and other leftovers, are usually one of the primary sources of this bacte

Should You Substitute Butter For Margarine?

Many people have been switching to using margarine instead of butter to reduce their intake of saturated fats. But, now researchers are questioning how healthy a choice is margarine, even though it has far less saturated fat than butter. A Comparison of Saturated and Unsaturated Fats To read, open the image in a new window.   Butter versus Margarine Based on findings, the distinguishing characteristic between margarine and butter is not the caloric content, as they are about equal, but the composition of their fatty acids. About 62% of the fatty acids in the butter are saturated compared with 20% in margarine. During the manufacturing process of margarine and some other vegetable shortenings, unsaturated corn, soybean, or sunflower oil is partially hydrogenated---a process called hydrogenation wherein hydrogen is added to the oil. This causes the chemical structure of the original polyunsaturated oil to be arranged to a liquid not found in nature that is more hardene